Coaching is About Finding Your Focus and Deepening Your Awareness...So You Can Stand in The Power of Choice.

Meet The Coaches

The Coaches at Reach Collaborative are dedicated to personal and professional development.

We hold space to inspire individuals to live their purpose.  

We have helped wake up the dreamer in many people, by compelling our clients to live their passion and carve a path toward achieving their dreams.

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Brenda H. Lockwood, MA

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People Seek A Life Coach...

  • When starting something new
  • To build self-esteem or self-confidence
  • To get "unstuck", to move forward in life
  • To feel more satisfaction in life/career/relationships 
  • To overcome challenges when facing life transitions
  • Career/Life planning
  • Improve performance
  • Personal/Professional development  

A Life Coach is a person who engages with an individual, partnership or group for the purpose of stimulating, motivating and facilitating personal and professional development.  

Life coaching is not therapy. We take a non-directive approach in our work with clients and build a coaching relationship based on the type of support and accountability you need to achieve your goals.

We ask compelling questions to get to the heart of where youwant to be in your life, business, relationships, career. 

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Learn More About Coaching HERE

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